Explore a primitive alien world. Your ship has crashed on a planet in deep space. In order to return home you must salvage ship components and launch them back into orbit. There, your broken ship serves as a home base and a refuge for any survivors you've rescued.

Solve intricate puzzles built from magnets, fusing blocks, sensors and other Smart Blocks on the planet's surface. The scattered Smart Blocks have begun assembling themselves and you must untangle them before they can be returned to the ship.

Beautiful pixel art, rendered using CRT emulation, adorns every screen. Shaders create white hot flares, soft glows and other lighting effects. Cutscenes set the stage as you progress through your adventure and uncover the mystery of the crash.

Design and share your levels with the community using the same complete level editor used by the developers. Download, play and rate levels created by other players without leaving the game. Players who submit fun maps are rewarded with special in-game items.

Michael OlneyDesign
Tom FilholArt
Blake ReynoldsArt
Thomas FröseAnimation
Chris SinnottMusic
Sound Effects
Nikolaus BaumgartenStage Design
Spectral Forms Software Pty Ltd ACN 609657749